7 Chakras 7 Piece Yoga Wheel Set | 1 Yoga Strap| 1 Stretching Strap with Loops | 2 Cotton Travel Bags | Yoga Gifts Set | 50 Page Colour Exercise Guide for Stretching Exercises (7 Piece Goose Grey)

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Yoga Gifts For Women

Best double radius Cork YOGA WHEEL for Stretching and for back pain relief. Ideal Yoga Wheel for Beginners.  New Exercise guide with 50+pages of colour photos and descriptions.

The full circle CORK DHARMA YOGA WHEELS are too big for most normal people so the small Double Radian Yoga Wheel was born.

Sometimes called an eliptical or half dharma wheel or yoga circle, this yoga wheel this has the benefits of a full 15 inch wheel but makes them easier for every day use by normal people who are not as bendy as Elasti-girl or Mrs Incredible!

At only 8 inches high, this is like a small yoga wheel, but with a 15 inch radius for a large yoga wheel.

Why use Yoga Props 

For gentle exercise for back pain relief and stretching your spine

suitable for kids due to small size

suitable yoga enthusiasts

The two small curves mean different degrees of bend can be practiced without as much stress on your body.  Gentle regular use can help make you more flexible.  

  • Strongest wheel on the market, tested to destruction at 1200 lbs or 600 Kgs weight! No thats not a misprint!
  • Soft cork cushion surface
  • A perfect yoga starter set for beginners.
  • Wood grain coloured inner wheel.
  • Perfect size yoga wheel 15 inch x 7 inches (2 sizes in one) yoga strap 4.5ft long, stretch strap with loops

Uses of this Yoga Starter kit

  • Develop Core Strength.
  • Stretch out hamstrings.
  • Practice yoga inversions and backbends.
  • Back stretcher
  • Great for spine stretching like a roller.
  • Use as a yoga block.
  • Perfect yoga equipment and accessories for women or men.
  • Great feet up inversion trainer for practicing headstands.
    Includes 50+ page exercise guide book in PDF format.


  • IMPROVE YOUR BACK BENDS: A 15 inch double radian yoga wheel set, only 8 inch high makes the perfect back opener for backbends and stretching of your back and spine similar to a back foam roller. MUCH safer and more effective than a full yoga wheel. Opening shoulders and chest, improving FLEXIBILITY balance & posture can help with back pain relief. Two yoga straps (one classic belt with Dring adjustable buckle & one 10 ft strap with 10 loops for hands and feet.
  • GREY CUSHION: 6mm thick for Optimum comfort and balancing : Easy to wipe Clean & SWEAT RESISTANT so resists smells from your workouts.
  • YOGA GIFTS SET for Women or Men: The yoga prop set comes in a beautiful quality gift box. Made from PREMIUM materials to reflect the QUALITY of the product. Super comfortable CORK outer cushion to provide grip and comfort for your back, feet and hands. Perfect yoga equipment and accessories to use as a yoga prop, block or yoga back roller.
  • TWO TRAVEL BAGs INCLUDED: Large Over Shoulder cotton bag to carry your Yoga wheel in - or just use it as a reusable shopping bag for your groceries. Also cotton drawstring bag holding both yoga straps - ideal for carrying to work or yoga classes.
  • WE ROCK AT CUSTOMER SERVICE and we are JUST AN EMAIL AWAY should you have any issues at all with your purchase. If you don't love the quality, design, and performance of our premium YOGA WHEEL, we will provide you with a replacement or full refund, no questions asked.


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