EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Step Machine for Fitness & Exercise – S021


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Most people work in an office or home environment, where they spend the majority of the day sitting. EFitment S021 Fitness Stepper provides a moderate workout and can have a positive impact on your health by improving your cardiovascular fitness while toning the muscles in your lower body and helping you lose weight. Take a break from sitting. The stepping motion used while exercising with this stepper mimics walking which is an aerobic activity. Regardless of age, weight or athletic ability, aerobic activity is good for you. As your body adapts to regular aerobic exercise, you'll get stronger and fitter. Get going and get in those extra steps! No assembly required, this product ships pre-built, so you can step right into your workout once it arrives!


  • HYDRAULIC DRIVE SYSTEM: Built with a hydraulic drive system, this workout machine uses fluid power to do simple work providing a smooth and quiet workout. Stepper arrives fully assembled!
  • NON-SLIP PEDALS: Wide, textured, non-slip foot pedals keep feet secure while you exercise. Weight capacity of 220 Ibs.
  • EFFECTIVE MOVEMENT: Move up and down action tightens and tones your calves muscles, gluteal muscles and hip flexors. This calorie burning stepper will not only tone your muscles but it will also benefit your overall health. The cardiovascular workout will make your heart and lungs work more efficiently.
  • TRACK YOUR FITNESS: The informative LCD training computer will ensure you stay focused during your workout as it tracks Scan, Time, Count and Calories.
  • NO ASSEMBLY: This product ships pre-assembled, so you can step right into your workout once it arrives.


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