Loctek FP1 Exercise Stepper Mini Step Swivel Elliptical Trainer


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The Mini cardio stepper operates on two Hydraulic cylinders that create a stepping motion. Less jarring on the body than treadmills. Improve circulation at the office during your break or use while watching TV at home or office. And the counter won't be hard to see or miss steps. Having this extra feature provides the opportunity to get a lot more leg and thigh muscles in shape, particularly the outer and inner thighs. The twist stepper machine has the same sturdy base as an ordinary mini stepper and as you'd expect, two foot pedals that twist slightly.

1. Heavy duty steel construction and low-impact aerobic work out
2. oversize slip-resistant footplates
3. electronic monitor tracks strides, exercise time, and calories
4. heavy duty steel with oversize slip-resistant footplates
5. compact, surprisingly versatile home fitness device
6. A portable Elliptical machine with built-in resistance training.
7. Twist action helps you tone thighs and buttocks, while achieving a challenging cardiovascular workout; work deep muscles in hard-to-reach places without putting stress on joints
8. LCD display shows total count, time, calories burned, and rep count

● weight capacity: 220 lbs.( 100kg).
● overall dimensions: 17" x 16" x 11"
● color: grey and blue
● Manufacturer's warranty included

Package Includes:
1 x mini stepper


  • For a beginner, you can burn about 350-450 calories in a 40 minute workout
  • As you become fitter you can increase intensity to burn about 600-700 calories in a 40 minute workout.
  • Mini steppers provide a great workout for very little money while you are considering buying a stair stepper, not only save money, but also space saving.17" x 16" x 11", when you finish exercise, you can put it in corner or under your table.
  • The low impact mini steppers will ensure that your joints and muscles are not injured during the workout, a good cardio workout to lose weight. 220 lbs weight capacity.
  • Loctek mini stair stepper is a cardio workout and target to make your leg muscles have more stamina and can get your heart rate up then any form of exercise. Also the machine has a LCD display that can check your total count, time, calories burned, and rep count
  • 20 mins a day exercise with Loctek twister stepper can get your blood circulation accelerated and keep you suffer from that kind of lacking exercise health disease, help you with cardiovascular and heart health.


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